Neon Browser

Are you bored with Chrome and Firefox? Then this browser is what you need. Neon is not your traditional browser. Instead it has taken an approach that is unique. Wanting to give its own ideas a place to be tested it looks like something from science fiction rather than reality.

Neon Web Browser was created by Opera and launched in 2017 and is intended to be a new way to display the web (Kolondra, 2017). It uses a new background that utilizes your desktop wallpaper and has a video player in its own overlay (Kolondra, 2017). The main difference in this browser is in the user interface. There is a sidebar that includes such things as audio, video, and downloads (Lardinois, 2017). It is not a standard production browser but rather a concept browser (Lardinois, 2017). It uses the Blink engine, Google’s fork of Webkit, for rendering the same as Opera’s normal browser (Claburn, 2017).

When looking at this browser it is important to note that with its own user interface it has several items that you don’t see in other browsers. Neon uses bubble tabs to show bookmarks instead of the normal bookmark menu (Claburn, 2017). Also, the tabs are shown in circles on the right side of the browser window (Claburn, 2017). These items look good and look to be something that would work well in a touch screen environment (Claburn, 2017). Most of its differences are aesthetics as its underlying rendering is the same as Opera and Chrome for that matter (Claburn, 2017).

To use this browser, you should be willing to learn. You will not be able to pick it up and use it like you do Firefox or Chrome, but it does look cool if you’re willing to learn its features. It is not intended to be a replacement for your normal browser at this time but a conceptual one instead.

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