ASP stands for “Active Server Page” and is a file format used on websites also its file extension is .asp (ASP File Format). Since it runs on a server it can be used with any browser, even though it was developed for Microsoft’s servers (ASP File Format).

In ASP scripts are executed by the server rather than the browser (ASP Tutorial). ASP itself is language independent with the ability to use both VBScript and Jscript (Wodaski, 1998). The reason for ASP is to process requests from user at the browser by the server (ASP File Format). It is able to “build or customize a website on the fly” (ASP File Format).

The use of ASP is one of the ways that one is able to gather specific information and show it to the visitor without having an individual page for all the specific information on the server. With ASP one is able to write dynamic forms, guest books, and can even be used as a page counter (Microsoft, 2000).

Also, when researching ASP it is impossible not to see information on ASP.NET. This related format uses the extension .aspx (ASP and ASP.NET). This format is largely considered a successor to asp (ASP and ASP.NET), however I have seen plenty of standard ASP files online. This is about ASP, but one should realize the differences between ASP and ASP.NET. One of the major differences is that ASP.NET generally are written in C# instead of VBScript (ASP.NET and ASP.NET). Because of this difference in language, it is “also the web formulation of a compiled language” instead of using a scripting language (ASP vs ASP.NET). In this case a script is not compiled, but rather is run from a plain text file.

So, in this day and age why use ASP? One of the major reasons for using ASP that it can run older existing script on the server the results of which are shown on the browser of the client computer. Also if a programmer knows a scripting language it easier than learning a new compiled language to use ASP.NET. ASP is still a valuable and usable technology even though one of the sources I found was from 1998. This technology is used in a web page to make it more dynamic then it would be normally with just HTML coding.

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